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Original Worship Songs
Brett Carver

This page contains music (mp3) and lyrics/chords (pdf) for a number of songs that I've written and which are regularlly used for worship in a church setting. There's a lot of information below, so please feel free to read, listen, and enjoy.


First, just to be legal, all these songs (which includes lyrics, melody, guitar arrangements, etc.) are © 2003, 2004 by Brett K. Carver. In addition each song has its own copyright date. Finally, all copyrights have been registered with the Library of Congress Copyright Office (www.copyright.gov). In simple language that means: they're all mine, you can't have 'em.


All the songs found here have been submitted to Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) and are therefore available for use by any person or organization that has a current CCLI license. The only thing I ask is that their usage be listed in your normal usage reports to CCLI. Again, in simple language that means: you may use them in your church's worship service (per CCLI), just don't try to do anything else with 'em without contacting me first.

Thank you.

Worship Songs

For each song I've provided a basic .mp3 recording of the song and a .pdf file of the chord/lyric sheet. By basic, I mean that for most songs it's just guitar and vocal, one time through the song -- just enough to demonstrate how the songs go. As time goes by, I'm slowely re-mixing some of the songs to add more vocals or instruments, but they're still a long way from what could be considered CD quality. Again, these mixes are just good enough (I hope) for one to learn the song. As actually used in our worship services (at Hope Chapel West), the arrangements typically include: guitar, piano, bass, drums, and backup vocals.

If you've got limited time, interest (in this genre), or bandwidth (you're on a modem as I am) then I'd suggest you start with: "At Your Name", "Walkin' On Water", "Lord You Are Holy", and "With Him". I think they're some of the better songs.

To listen to the songs - some people have trouble listening to the songs if they simply click on the link (to play it in the browser). Most people find it works better to first download the song (right click on the link and select "Save Target As...") and then click on the file to play it in whatever player you have on your system.

Worship Songs
Copyright #
  At Your Name   *1
  (alternate chorus)
  mp3 4.0 MB  
  mp3 0.5 MB  
  pdf     4119401     PAu2-875-957     new mix 3/04  
  I Love You Lord   mp3 1.8 MB     pdf     4119511     PAu2-875-958      
  I Will Trust   mp3 1.8 MB     pdf     4119580     PAu2-875-959      
  Lord You Are Holy   mp3 5.2 MB     pdf     4225986     PAu2-875-960     new mix 3/04  
  Three Days Away   mp3 5.1 MB     pdf     4119638     PAu2-875-961      
  To Sit At Your Feet   *2   mp3 3.2 MB     pdf     4294649     PAu2-875-962      
  Walkin' On Water   *3   mp3 4.0 MB     pdf     4215415     PAu2-875-965     new mix 3/04  
  With Him   mp3 3.7 MB     pdf     4119140     PAu2-875-963      
  Yet You Love Me Lord     mp3 2.8 MB     pdf     4119731     PAu2-875-964      

Note *1 : The alternate chorus for "At Your Name" is something Paul came up with while we were practicing the song. While we still use the original arrangement for our worship (that's how people learned it), the alternate is interesting. I've included them both here and you can decide which you prefer.

Note *2 : This is a very rough cut taken straight off that Sunday's worship tape. Most of the team heard the song for the first time at that morning's practice so it's a bit rough. But it will work until I can get it recorded.

Note *3 : This song also has an instrumental section that has yet to have the lead guitar added. I'll update the .mp3 with a new mix as soon as I get the part recorded.

For the above songs:

I'd especially like to thank Paul for his help with this project.

The Rest Of The Story

Everyone has a different way they approach writing a song. Some start with the words, others the melody. I don't usually sit down to write a song, they just sort of happen. Call it divine inspiration, a flash of insight, or just dumb luck. I like to play around with various chord progressions on my guitar. At any given time I may have 3-6 progressions I'm working with. Often I'll get a melody to go with the progression. Sometimes, when God has something He wants to communicate, I'll get the words to go with it. When that happens, the whole song will typically come together in an hour or two.

Technical Details

For those interested in the details of recording here are some of the specifics.

In practice, I don't actually record guitar and vocals at the same time even though the MobilePre has two input channels. What we found was that it's too hard to get through an entire song with no mistakes in the guitar or vocals. Also, there's a lot more pressure to get it right when someone else is there, which just tends to increase the odds of making an error.

So instead I'll sit down and record the guitar part for a song three or four times. I'll listen to them later and decide which one sounds the best. Then I'll play that track throught the system for Paul to sing to. Again, we do several takes making sure we have at least a couple that felt good. Later I'll listen to the vocals without the guitar and pick the best one. It's then a simple process of mixing the two tracks together into the final versions of the song. While the results aren't professional, they're not bad and they work as an example for someone to learn how the song goes.

For the few songs with more than just guitar and vocals, I just repeat the above steps to record additional material (for example keyboard). I select the best take, and re-mix the song with the additional part. It's a very time-consuming process, but the songs with additional parts do sound better.

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